Three Steps to Monetize Your YouTube Channel and Start Earning Money

Previously it used to be fairly easy to monetize your YouTube channel and start earning money right away. However, with the overwhelming number of creators joining the platform and kudos to their brilliant work, YouTube needed to level up its game as well. And a couple of new rules have been introduced that you need to abide by, to monetize your channel.

Now for those few of you who are fairly new to the YouTube monetization concept, it is nothing but a technical term for earning money through your videos that you post on the YouTube platform.

Now here are the parameters set by YouTube that you need to fulfil to monetize your YouTube channel:

1.Your channel mandatorily needs to have 1000 subscribers.

2. 4000 hours of watch time need to be generated by your videos over the last 12 months.

3. You need to have an AdSense account set up beforehand.

4. Your channel necessarily needs to comply with all the terms and policies that YouTube has.

Sign up for the YouTube Partner Program

Just as explained earlier about the golden rules of YouTube to start earning money, in case of joining the YouTube Partner Program, it applies as well. It is more like an extension to your channel acceptance. So, let us once again break the rules and get a bit explanatory here. The first one is pretty simple. Your channel needs 1000 subscribers to be able to sign up for the program. Now the good news is that there is no bounded time limit, so even if your YouTube subscriber count takes a little more time to grow, it’s okay. Just keep up the good work. Secondly, the 4000 watch hours. Well, most people confuse it with watching 4000 hours of video content on the platform. While in reality, people should be watching your uploaded content for 4000 hours, for your channel to get monetized. Apart from that, adhere to the terms and conditions and life as a creator should be easy.

Always play by the rules

True for most of the social media platforms, YouTube as well is very strict regarding their Guidelines, terms and policies. Any violation of the YouTube privacy policies can lead to account demonetization, even can result in an account ban. So, make sure that none of your content breaks the rules of YouTube. Once you sign up for the YouTube partner program, your channel is supposed to get through a standard review process to ensure that none of your content violates the policies. Once green signal received, only then your channel will be accepted for the program.

Link your AdSense account as soon as your account gets selected

Now, to pay you, YouTube needs a way to pay you. Google Ad Sense will simply bridge that difference for you. Pro tip: you can link multiple accounts to a single AdSense account. Also, if you already have a Google AdSense account then you are all set to go. Even if you have not, it is fairly easy to make an AdSense account, and you can do it while signing up for the YouTube partner’s program.

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