How to Grow Your YouTube Channel With 0 subscribers 2020

YouTube is the most famous platform for sharing videos by the creators, brands, artists, companies, etc. Today’s world all known brands and companies having their accounts on YouTube. On YouTube, you can find all types of videos consists of entertainment, comedy, songs, movies, short clips of serials and movies, creative videos, educational videos, product review videos and many more you can find it by going on the search tab.

If you want to grow your YouTube channel from scratch then you should know some trends, tactics, and strategies of YouTube. By following them you can easily uplift your account and get a large base of the subscriber. Every Youtuber having its own strategies to grow, and even in my case, I am also having some strategies of my choice which is absolutely tried and tested by me and some of my YouTuber friends. 

Understanding required before setting up the YouTube channel

In case you want to create your channel on YouTube, then firstly you must select a niche that you want to target and understand your capabilities and talent which should match to deliver the useful content. You also need some gadgets required to shoot the videos and skills to capture and edit the moments. If you fulfill all these criteria, then you are ready to start your channel. Let’s discuss the strategies.

Customize your profile

Firstly, you must personalize your full profile for a better view and attractive looking according to the perspective of viewers. You should provide the full description of your channel in detail. Configure the profile picture by sharing a logo or any pleasing picture, also manage the cover picture which should speak about the page. Use tools for creating these pictures. Upload your videos and placed it in their respective category, so that viewers do not face any difficulty to discover this. Always use high-resolution pics for the channel profile, cover and your video thumbnail.

Respond on Every Single Comment

To get the proper engagement of the user we must reply to each comment on our video. It will give the personal connection to the viewer and they may convert to or subscriber. We can also understand the interest and expectations of the user. If we fulfill their desires then forever, they may be our loyal subscribers, and always wait for your videos. You can also comment on other videos of the same niche to get the audience from there to your channel. It is a very effective method to interact with the user.

Invite the famous Youtuber for your Videos

You should invite the well-established YouTubers, who have already had huge subscribers with you. Take the interview shares their journey of becoming a successful YouTuber, the benefit of this their subscribers also visit your videos and channel. In case if they find relevancy with your content, then they may subscribe to your channel. You also get likes, shares, and comments on your video which itself creates the reach of your marketing. This is the best way to showcase your channel, many famous and new YouTubers practicing this strategy for the exchange of their followers.

Buy YouTube activities

The best to get your desired number of subscribers on your YouTube account is to take paid service for the account. In this, you need to Buy YouTube Subscriber which is non-droppable and remains with you always. It will add credibility to your account, and you will free from all the processes and tension. In this way, you can grow your account and gain stardom.


Create self-explanatory title/ add watermark

The title of any video having a very important role in promoting your video in two ways. Firstly, by reading the title viewers will get to know the content of the video, if the title and content do not match up then it will become a total disaster for your channel. The second option is while selecting the words for the title if it is chosen based on keyword research. It will improve your ranking. So always remember these two aspects while writing the title, and it should be attractive and pleasing. You can also add the watermark on the video which is indicated by your logo any other picture. It will also give you a subscriber to your account.

Always deliver high-quality content

Everybody asks you for the consistency in posting, but that does not mean you will not focus on the quality of the content which you are sharing. If the quantity is high and lack of quality you will not survive, but if the quantity of posting content is low but the quality of content is high then you can easily attract the consumers. So, if you are able to maintain the balance between the quantity and the quality, then surely it will give you the optimum result in the growth of your YouTube channel.

Sharing your Links on other Social Media Platforms

Another best option to promote your YouTube is by sharing the link of your video on other social media channels which is a very good strategy and it is used by almost all YouTubers to promote them whether they are new or established. But you also required high followers or friends available on your account. By this, you can generate traffic for your website as well as for your YouTube channel.

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