How to Check Your Spotify Profile and Playlist Followers Count 2020

Spotify is a very popular platform for sharing music all over the world, it is a Swedish company based in Stockholm. It is one of the fastest-growing venture, the registered user on Spotify is more than two hundred forty-eight million out of the 113 million is the premium paid, subscribers. Spotify provides you the advertisement-free music and offline listening are some eminent features of paid promotion.

Spotify can allow you to access approximately fifty million musical tracks from various artists, genres, movies of different languages and regions. The users of Spotify can come from all over the world but especially from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the parts of Asia and Africa. The best thing which Spotify does, they distribute approx. seventy percent of the revenue to the creator or the rights holder of the musical tracks.

First, we discuss how we can check the Spotify profile then we discuss playlist followers. We try to cover fully and gives you the relevant information regarding these two aspects.

How we can configure our Spotify Profile?

There are two platforms by which you can check your profile, first one is laptop or desktop and the other one is on your mobile.

If you are using the Spotify on the desktop version then simply you can click on the profile picture of your account then, you can able to see the three dots click on that whereas If you want to look your account on the mobile or Tablet then, click on your home button. After that, you must click on the setting tab, then view the profile button. They have the same procedure for the android and the iOS version. The various option finds when you are looking at your profile like.

  • Private sessions- In this section, you will be able to set the privacy setting of your mobile, according to your suitability. In this section you will be allowed to report any suspicious activity is happening on your account. Any infringement about your music and understands your right while using Spotify.
  • Account- This tab gives you very much detailed information about your account, in this you can share all the information of your profile, like description, changing your profile pictures, some premium options, payment options while taking the subscription, plans, and packages which you are using and the available option.
  • Setting- You can manage lots of information like the storage information which you are using and how much is remaining, internet usage data, you can change the audio setting also, you can update your Spotify with the latest software available. We can change the language also, know about the shortcuts available to operate. The procedure for skipping the advertisement during the plays, and many more things available. You can check by yourself and change it accordingly.                                                                                
  • Log Out- In this option you can log out your account, for the safety reasons when you are not using. We suggest you if you are using the Spotify account on some public device, then make sure to logout the account before closing the website or application. Otherwise, some other persons may access your account, and you will have to face the consequences.

How to find the followers count on Playlists

Firstly, I want to discuss the types of the playlist, which is officially provided by Spotify, but you can create thousands of playlists according to your mood and selection of the songs. The major segments of playlists are as follows.

  • Personalized Playlist– It is a kind of playlist that is created by the algorithm of Spotify, it is created with the help of the songs which you listen to and search on the Spotify on the past week. This playlist is totally depending on the habit and the taste of the user, this is the separate list made for every user. In this, you also find the new track available.
  • Editorial Playlist- You will find an enormous number of editorial playlists of every genre, lifestyle, mood, taste and many more criteria are available. You can find a small logo for the editorial choice songs. They can put lots of effort and research before putting any song into editorial choice.
  • Listener Playlist- This playlist is designed by everybody according to their need and likes, they can create as much playlist wants by them, there is no limitation to create the playlist. Here you can add your favorites songs and place them. This is the best feature for this you need not search when you want to hear your choice of songs.
  • User Playlist– This is the playlist where the registered users, artists, fans and many more create their playlist.

How to check the number of Playlist followers for your Spotify account?

There are two ways where you can find the Playlist Followers by logging in your Spotify account. But one thing I want to mention here to follow these processes you need to login to the desktop version of the Spotify.

The first method to view the list of followers on your playlist, you need to login to your account for further proceedings. Then click on the tab of the pubic playlist, after clicking you will be able to see all the playlists. You can also find the number of followers on the right side of the playlist name. You can also Buy Spotify Followers for the growth of your account and it makes you popular.

The second method to see your follower list you have to log in your Spotify account after that see the left panel of your playlist. Click on the specific playlist and you will find the count of your followers on that playlist.