2020 Success Tips to Instagram IGTV Views

It is the video application where we must share the videos with our audience. You can use this application on iOS and android version, even you can access by log into the web browser. You can share the videos by catering to your skills and talent, and it is used for the promotion of your brand or business. In this platform you can create new customers for your business, increase your presence among them. If you are uploading the video then always remember, you can upload in the vertical not in landscape mode because this application is designed for the mobiles.

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How IGTV is different from Instagram

In Instagram, you have to upload short videos in the form of stories or Live streaming with your followers, but in the case of IGTV, you can upload the fifteen minutes video from your smartphones whereas if you are uploading the videos from web browser then the duration of the video reaches up to sixty minutes with the size of the file is maximum 3.6 GB.

Some of the strategies to boost the IGTV views for your videos, these tactics are tried and tested.

Create Relevant Content- After understanding the requirements of your audience you can design the content based on their taste. It will bring newer customers of the same niche because they can able to connect with your videos. You can also use tools for the editing of the videos and make it more attractive to strike the viewers.

Expand Your Target Audience- To get more views on the videos, you need more followers who like your video and suggest their known ones to view your videos. There are many ways to get more audience for your videos, for this you need to optimize your profile to attract more audience.

Post on a Regular Basis- If you want to become famous and need views for your account, then you need to post the content regularly. It helps you to remember the video by your audience. And even they will wait for your videos if you are consistent in posting. It also creates a presence in the mind of your viewers.

Use your Instagram Account to promote- For promoting the videos and to get more views, you can also use your Instagram accounts by sharing the links of the videos in the post or the stories. This is the best way and it is a very effective way of performing this strategy. Many of the account holders of IGTV taking benefit from their Instagram accounts. But one thing you remember, for performing this activity you need a huge fan base on your account. Otherwise, it does not make any difference to your videos.

Promote on other Social Media Channels- This is the best strategy and it is used by everyone to promote their views on videos. For this, you need to promote the links on the other channels of social media, which are having their dedicated and loyal registered users. By using this method, I surely guarantee you, that you should get the result from this strategy. But for this you need more followers on your different social media platforms.

Release your Trailer- Before uploading the video, you must share the sensual image to get the attraction of the viewers. You can also share the short clip of your full video. This will tell the theme of the video, and you can also take the responses of your viewers.

Ask your friends and followers to Share Your Videos- You can also ask your friends and followers who are having their accounts on Instagram and other social media platform to share the link of your video from your account. By this, you can get the results, because it will increase the reach of your video.

Hashtags- The proper use of hashtags required to seek attention and increase the chances of appearing in the search result. You can also the hashtags in the title of the video.

Appealing Title- The title should be catchy and captivating so that the viewers tend to open the video. It will give the views and you will become famous by creating the videos. The title should be descriptive about the theme of the video, it also increases the chances to get more views.

Target Audience- We should know about our audience, whom we are targeting and what type of content they want from us.


At last, I would like to suggest if you have enough time, to perform this organic strategy then well and good. But in case if you require instant effect on your videos then you can buy IGTV views from buysocialbuzz. We are having a lot of experience in providing these types of services, try once to make get away from the tension.